Technology Procurement

Making Your Company More Agile

Building IT capabilities that optimize business performance can be challenging. Business alignment is vital, so sustaining IT agility amid evolving corporate objectives is a must.

Aging infrastructure and legacy systems can make keeping pace a challenge. Now visualize engaging a partner who can make your company more agile and ease the integration of technology.

Technology Crossing IT Solution procurement services offer multiple advantages that can streamline sourcing and enhance your bottom line:

An improved ability to respond to changing organizational objectives
Better cost containment, efficiency and enhanced purchase visibility
Infrastructure that's future-ready and poised for what's next
One-stop shopping
Flexible financial programs that make IT sourcing more affordable and manageable

Collective buying power allows us to negotiate best pricing and we use manufacturer incentives to maximize discounts. We identify and address end-of-life (EOL) and end-of-sale (EOS) situations to proactively plan for changes that may impact your environment's effectiveness.

Areas of Expertise

Hardware and software add-ons for existing infrastructure
Refreshing outdated hardware, software and other components
Comprehensive infrastructure platform and systems design and replacement
Network services from range of service providers
Building best-of-breed technology solutions with industry leaders.

TCISINC builds and cultivates alliances with multiple industry-leading technology providers, manufacturers and service providers. Leveraging these relationships affords us priority access to the latest technologies, advanced training and preferred pricing, and allows us to bring you the most relevant and innovative solutions available to help solve your business challenges.

We continue to create and grow new relationships, which allow us to deliver additional solutions to you. If particular partner is not listed, please ask - chances are good that we can assist you with their solutions as well.